About us

As a positive impact investor in the CleanTech space, TrueGreen is leading the charge on finding and scaling young Aussie innovators who are solving our biggest environmental and social challenges with huge economic, wealth and health benefits for our nation.

TrueGreen is growing true action-heroes.


TrueGreen is an active impact investor focused on projects and businesses that generate POSITIVE Environmental and Social benefit while generating above market economic returns.

Managing CleanTech Businesses

TrueGreen manages businesses and projects across sectors of sustainability including Low Emissions Transport, Green Building Manufacturing, Indigenous Project Participation and Renewables and Remediation.

TrueGreen SOCIAL Impact
Our social mission is to deploy a targeted 15% of returns to works and projects in underprivileged and disadvantaged communities.

The TrueGreen goal is to:
Improve Planet • Improve Lives • Improve Returns

Investment Mandate

Investment mandate:

  • Early Stage enterprises and green projects across key sustainable sectors
  • Focused in Australia
  • Demonstrating measureable ESG benefit indexed against the UN Sustainable Development Goals


Kirk Tsihlis


Paula Koveos
Marketing Corporate Comms


Michel Van Maanen
CEO TrueGreen Mobility


Linda Gregoriou
Property & Built Environment