Foton iBlue electric truck launched at Australasian Fleet Conference and Exhibition

The Fan Teamon  In: Heavy Vehicles, New Truck

Foton Mobility has shown the iBLUE Electric Truck for the first time in Australia at the Australasian Fleet Conference and Exhibition held in Sydney this week at Rosehill Gardens Racecourse.

The iBLUE Electric truck is a game changer for the light duty truck market. The market has grown significantly since Covid with increased ecommerce activity. In addition companies are becoming more serious with regards to reducing their carbon emissions and this truck can have an immediate impact. Whilst light at 4.5T/6T dual GVM and 2.5T tare weight, it has the power and capacity to reliably compete head to head with a diesel equivalent.

The iBLUE Electric Truck will be distributed in Australia by Foton Mobility. Neil Wang, CEO of Foton Mobility stated, “the first batch of right hand drive trucks will be delivered to customers around the end of July. We expect to have more than 100 trucks arrive in Australia before the end of the calendar year”.

The iBLUE has a 5 year 200,000 km warranty and can be driven on a car licence which will make it popular with transport fleets.

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