Connected Zero Emissions Ecosystem

We’re big on evidence based change, and data driven decisions. Nexport’s Application Ecosystem enables intelligent, AI based predictive modelling of a wide variety of data-points, allowing you to improve operational efficiency and excellence. By truly understanding the entirety of the Zero Emission Ecosystem, from infrastructure, through to assets and ongoing management, our intelligent toolkit can provide the data you need to make operational decisions and improve your performance, while contributing to a better future.



Driving Zero Emissions

Our unique evidence based approach means that you can always have the comfort of a turn-key solution, delivered to meet the specific requirements of your organisation.

Zero Emission Assets supplied & maintained by Nexport, currently operate in Australian cities.

  • No fumes
  • No carbon emissions
  • No noise.

Improving the urban landscape and making our planet a cleaner, greener place to live.



Innovative Zero Emission Assets, backed by leading infrastructure partners

Nexport’s technology agnostic value proposition is based on performance, patronage and availability needs of its clients. As an integrated solutions provider, Nexport’s value offering connects infrastructure, assets, and applications through the value chain of local manufacturing, operational excellence, technical expertise, application capabilities, and local after-sales support.

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"Electric Buses Will Take Over Half the World Fleet by 2025"
Bloomberg New Energy Finance Report, February 2018.

Connected Zero Emissions Ecosystem

Nexport partners with your organisation to drive successful Zero Emission transformation by providing tailor made integrated solutions.

Once the infrastructure and assets are in place, Nexport continues to support your organisation's strategy by providing a simple, easy to use platform; allowing a comprehensive overview of infrastructure and asset performance.

Zero Emissions, Connected Management - Safe for you, your teams, safe for the environment