Towards Carbon Neutral

We’re here to inspire positive change in the building industry. Spark creativity and collaboration, influence cultural and environmental awareness, build communities and enrich people’s lives.

A Positive Change in the Building Industry


Sustainable Materials

“VIRIDI creates outstanding structures, whilst avoiding depletion of the planet’s natural resources and pollution of the environment.” Sustainable forests allow us to meet today’s demands for construction material without compromising the needs of the future.

  • Sustainable Building Materials
  • Environment Friendly
  • Healthy Lifestyle Products
  • Energy Efficient
  • Smart Healthy Buildings


VIRIDI's offsite manufacturing facility uses the latest, innovative technology to create prefabricated building products, consistently, faster, more economically and to a higher standard than ever before.

  • More Control
  • Less Risk
  • More Certainty
  • Better quality

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VIRIDI gets involved in the design phase to ensure environmental aspects are included early on the project. The use of cross laminated timber and prefabricated products ensures a streamlined building approach for all size and types of developments. From low rise to high rise developments. From education and health facilities to office and affordable housing. Versatile products for versatile clients.